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P is for Poetry

April is National Poetry Month! I’ll be honest. Poetry is not my favorite form of writing. I learned the basics in school and dutifully analyzed the poems that we were assigned, but I did not develop an interest in writing or studying poetry beyond that. I was never fascinated by the likes of Walt Whitman … Continue reading

O is One Hit Wonders

Today’s O topic addresses One Hit Wonders, particularly from the 80s. You know, those musical acts that achieved fame with one great hit, but failed to follow-up with anything else significant enough to give them staying power. Still, these are the songs (and artists) that most of us probably remember fondly and, unless I’m the … Continue reading

N is for News

My original post was going to be about New Kids on the Block/NKOTB or some such nonsense, but writing it felt forced and inane given the terrible events in Boston on Monday. I have tried to stick with the entertainment theme, and I guess the news can be considered entertainment sometimes. So, today’s N is … Continue reading

M is the Miami Dolphins

I love football. Really, really love football. Not because I like to watch 300lb men jump all over each other, or because many of the tight ends live up to their name (though that’s certainly a plus). I love the game itself. The thrill when you’re team is on top, the bitter taste of defeat … Continue reading

L is for The Lost Boys

It was hard for me not to write this post about LOST (my favorite TV show EVER) or Life is Beautiful (my favorite movie EVER). Been there, done that. Instead, I’m trying to stick with the more obscure 80s stuff, and a lot of my posts are asking “where are they now?” The Lost Boys … Continue reading

K is Katniss, the Girl Who Was On Fire

When The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins first became “the book” to read, I refused to buy into the hype. Not just because it was so overhyped, but because by then I had given up on dystopian and post-apocalyptic entertainment. It is just too depressing. Unless there are zombies, because, well, I love zombies. I … Continue reading

J is for Just Like Heaven

To follow up Lynn’s awesome “I” post from yesterday…I also have a music video. “Just Like Heaven” is a fun song by a great band (well, maybe not one of music’s greatest, but fun to listen to nonetheless). Is there a song that makes you happy every time you hear it, regardless of what’s going … Continue reading

I is Istanbul, not Constantinople

I was having a hard time coming up with an entertainment-related I word, until I was chauffeuring the kids around the other day and listening to my iPod. They Might Be Giants came on singing “Istanbul” and the kids immmediately launched into song. Duh. I have to do Istanbul! It’s actually an old song that … Continue reading

H is for Hunger

This A to Z post is a little different from the previous ones. And a little bit longer. Sorry. Recently I came across a website called The Giving Table with an initiative entitled Food Bloggers Against Hunger. Their event actually took place yesterday, April 8th. (Forgetting that we don’t post on Sundays, I mistakenly planned … Continue reading

G is for General Hospital

They just don’t make ‘em like they used to. Soap Operas, that is. From as long as I can remember, I watched soaps with the ladies in my family. Typically, we watched the ones on ABC—All My Children, One Life to Live, and my favorite—General Hospital. In high school, I stopped watching AMC (I got … Continue reading

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