I am a mom, a wife, and a freelance writer. I love to research and have a passion for social justice and nonprofit work.
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Five on Friday: Got Lemons?

Cross-posted from Katie’s A to Z Challenge post L is for Lemons. Most people know that lemons have a lot of great uses, like keeping produce from turning brown and being a natural option for cleaning, deodorizing and sanitizing, but I was looking for some that people might not have heard before. Lemons are relatively … Continue reading

Five on Friday: Are You Up for a Blog Challenge?

Today’s Five on Friday list will be short and sweet because, honestly, I have a lot to do today. In addition to my usual Friday tasks–writing, running errands, driving my kid to and from school, etc.–I’m preparing to take part in the A to Z Blog Challenge. Last I checked, there were 1,400 bloggers signed … Continue reading

Five on Friday: Forbidden Foods

I’ve mentioned that I read Jen Hatmaker’s new book “7: An Experimental Mutiny Against Excess” after reading some of her blog posts and identifying with her shock and frustration about how materialistic and self-indulgent we are in our everyday lives. Reading this book in the new year was a great way to get motivated to do some … Continue reading

Five on Friday: Hooray for Weekends!

For me, the weeks seem to fly by, and I’m happy to slow down a bit on Saturday and Sunday. I’m fortunate in that I can follow a “traditional” (Monday-Friday) workweek, I guess, and I’ve been trying to slow down and be more present in the moment. Here are just a few things that I … Continue reading

Five on Friday: Let’s Talk Jobs

We’ve all had jobs: jobs we love, jobs we hate, some in between. My original idea for today’s Five on Friday was something completely different, but I read another blogger’s post about all of the jobs that she’s had in her life, and I started thinking back on some of my more interesting occupations. So … Continue reading

Introducing: Five on Friday

Borrowing an idea I’ve seen on other blogs, I thought a “Five on Friday” feature would be fun, along with ensuring that I post something regularly. Depending on the category, the list could be the last 5 places I ate, 5 things you don’t know about me, that sort of thing. This week, I thought I’d … Continue reading

Welcome to the Family Room!

Though this is not a “parenting” blog, we are moms, so here’s our place to dish about kids and families. Whether you have one child or seven, toddlers or teenagers, it’s safe to say that we moms all have similar hopes and dreams for our families. Beyond providing the basics of keeping them fed, clothed, … Continue reading

Happy Valentine’s Day! (and a public service announcement)

February is American Heart Month. Although Valentine’s Day marks the halfway point of February, there’s still plenty of time to focus on our heart health, as we should be doing all year long anyway. As the leading cause of death in the US, heart disease is bound to touch all of us at some point in our … Continue reading

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