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Five on Friday: 5+ Back-to-School Resources

There’s 104 days of summer vacation, ‘til school comes along just to end it… We don’t live in Danville with Phineas and Ferb, so our summer vacation wasn’t quite 104 days. In fact, it seemed much shorter; school is soon coming along to end it for many of us! (For a few of our friends … Continue reading

Modern Pop Isn’t Fit to Hold Mavis Staples’s Bags

Today is the birthday of the legendary Mavis Staples. Born in Chicago in 1939, Mavis began her career singing with her family band in The Staple Singers. By the 1960s, their soulful addition to the music scene lent rhythm to the civil rights movement, and Mavis and her family were known for their soulful covers … Continue reading

Five on Friday: 5 Ways to Make Your Own Flavored Water

As we enter the dog days of summer, it’s important to stay hydrated, especially with the recent spate of record-breaking high temperatures. But let’s face it–while drinking water is the easiest and most efficient way to stay hydrated, it’s also the most boring. Short of drinking your water from a cool reusable bottle or cleverly-designed … Continue reading


236 years (and 2 days) ago, the United States declared their independence from England. Today, we celebrate with fireworks, BBQs, and a plethora of red, white, and blue food. (We’ll be doing the dipped strawberries and American Flag Fruit Kebabs!) It’s the ultimate national party! In honor of this day, here is a smattering of … Continue reading

8 Great Last-Minute Teacher Gifts

The end of the school year is once again upon us. Throughout the year, you’ve probably been pinning cute ideas for teacher gifts. But unless you’re one of those highly organized people (that is NOT us!), you’ve probably not even thought about a teacher gift in these last few weeks. Or maybe thinking about it … Continue reading

And the winner is….

We’d like to thank everyone who visited us during the A to Z Challenge! It was quite an effort to keep up the pace of a post a day, but it was also invigorating. We enjoyed getting to know so many new people and discover new bloggers. Being new to the blogging game (well, with … Continue reading

X is for Xochitl

Some of the best things in life are free: a lover’s embrace, your child’s giggle, your mother’s comforting hand. But try to find a decent tortilla chip that won’t break the bank! Xochitl (pronounced “so’ cheel)  brand chips are not economical. A 16oz. bag at the local grocery runs around $5. But ohhhh… they are … Continue reading

M is for Maintaining Marital Intimacy

We all know the cliché about how your sex life dies a slow, lingering death after marriage. But with a little effort, creativity, and willingness, you can ensure that the old cliché remains just a cliché. Today, the norm is that both spouses have full-time jobs (and in this economy, perhaps more than one). Add … Continue reading

J is for Just Do It!

Are you a planner? Do you agonize over decisions, weighing the pros and cons, making lists? Are you deliberate in your calculations and your plotting? You are? Then STOP. Whatever it is you want to do—travel, write, paint, sing, run, learn the balalaika, whatever!—JUST DO IT! Yes, it’s a cliché. Yes, it’s a classic marketing … Continue reading

F is for Five on Friday

In keeping with the A-to-Z Blog Challenge, today’s “F” is for our weekly “Five on Friday”. This week, it’s our five favorite writing books for established and aspiring writers alike. Bird by Bird. This classic memoir on writing by Anne Lamott must be on every writer’s bookshelf. It’s inspirational, self-deprecating, and provides not only a loose … Continue reading

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