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A Memorial Day Salute

In the US, the last Monday in May is reserved for Memorial Day, a day of remembrance for the military members who have served their country faithfully and especially for those who made the ultimate sacrifice. Most of us tend to mark the day as the unofficial start to the summer season–opening pools, hosting BBQs, using the three-day weekend to go on a road trip, etc. We are a military family, and we do the same. But let’s not forget the real meaning behind the holiday.

In that spirit, I’d like to recognize veterans and those currently serving, as well as those who gave their lives in service to this country. It doesn’t matter what your politics are or how you feel about our current war, or even war in general. The fact is, there are Americans who voluntarily put on the uniform (less than one-half of one percent of the population in the past decade) and put themselves in harm’s way in defense of this country. Over two million personnel currently serve in the armed forces–that’s two million out of 300 million citizens who pledged to support and defend the Constitution, to bear allegiance, and to obey the orders of the President of the US, all for less pay, fewer rights, and more danger than any civilian job in our society, and despite whatever their personal feelings are about the foreign policies of our country. These men and women put country above all, even their families. So many have missed holidays, birthdays, funerals–even the birth of their children. (My own husband was away on mandatory training when our last child was born.) Thank God for the technological advances that have allowed our service members to stay connected despite the many miles and months that separate them from their loved ones.

Here is just a small sampling of those who have served with honor. Let us give thanks to them today and keep all who serve in our hearts and minds every day.

(clockwise from left) SGT Brian Stackpole, USA, currently in Afghanistan; SSGT Ken Krug, USA; SMSGT Lyle Tayler, USAF; CAPT Glen Tayler, USA

Also THANK YOU to Angelo Carbone, George Krug, Michael Tayler, John Leonardi, Christina Hutchins, Justin Hutchins, Stacy Chavez, George Clini, Anthony Izzo, Allison Evarts, Kyle Evarts, Nicholas Evarts, Jennifer Krischer, Wayne Wesner, Toni Martinez Wesner, Jonathan Omansky, Amos Elliot, Brent Lagoon, Monica Russo, Bill Forkgen, Nicole Gagnon, Jaika Stone, Eric McMenamin, Todd Foreman, Ray Jones, Randy Brown, Jeffery Hyre, Laura Stimson, Daniel Goulet, James Rafiner, John Beurer, Elmer Cole Sperry (KIA in WWII), and the dozens of other veterans we know and love.

For all the military families, who keep the home fires burning–THANK YOU.

For a list with pictures of our fallen heroes from the current Iraq and Afghanistan campaigns, I urge you to visit this page: Military Valor.

For a list of Medal of Honor recipients, from the very first one to the most current recipient (Spc. Leslie H Sabo, Jr.), check out the official Medal of Honor page.

Let us also not forget all those who were POWs and who are still missing. This site has a list of the MIA broken down by war.

And finally, one last THANK YOU and remembrance for our Military Working Dogs. Veterans come in all shapes, sizes, and sometimes, species.

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7 thoughts on “A Memorial Day Salute

  1. What a lovely post with so many great links. We can’t thank our veterans enough, can we? We must never forget! thank you!

    Posted by mare ball | May 28, 2012, 14:29
  2. A very moving post, and an incredibly humbling experience to realize that these men and women are willing to sacrifice their time,energy and even their life for us…… people whom they have never even met.

    Posted by Sugar & Spice & All Things ? Nice | May 28, 2012, 22:27
  3. Thank you for your comments! (Sorry for the delay in responding… seems like this time of year, we head into a sprint to finish out the school year and get summer started! 🙂 ) Remember to Thank a Veteran any day of the year! 🙂


    Posted by A Common Sea | June 5, 2012, 09:16
  4. With all due respect, those who serve and served are honored on Veteran’s Day in November. Memorial Day exclusively honors those killed in action. Nothing else.

    Posted by Joe Stephan | May 28, 2018, 20:07
  5. With all due respect, those who serve and served are honored on Veteran’s Day in November. Memorial Day exclusively honors those killed in action. Nothing else.

    Posted by Joe Stephan | May 28, 2018, 20:07


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