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P is for Patrick White

When I was in second grade, my mother married and we moved out of my grandparents’ home, where I had lived since birth, to an apartment in Milford, CT. I started a new school, Meadowside Elementary, and had to ride the bus for the first time. I was a shy, goofy little girl with glasses. … Continue reading

O is for Organic Pest Control

Organic Pest Control. I know, a thrilling topic, isn’t it? Well, it’s not as exciting as an “O” post can be. I had toyed with O is for…um….well, you know. <blush> But since we were a little forward with Saturday’s post, I decided to skip the intimate topic in favor of one that may not … Continue reading

N is for New Kids on the Block

My husband and I used Spring Break to tackle the monumental project of cleaning out our basement. It probably wouldn’t take so long if I didn’t keep unearthing forgotten treasures–like my New Kids on the Block memorabilia. NKOTB was my first boy band obsession. I’ve been a Rick Springfield fan since I was 7, but … Continue reading

M is for Maintaining Marital Intimacy

We all know the cliché about how your sex life dies a slow, lingering death after marriage. But with a little effort, creativity, and willingness, you can ensure that the old cliché remains just a cliché. Today, the norm is that both spouses have full-time jobs (and in this economy, perhaps more than one). Add … Continue reading

Five on Friday: Got Lemons?

Cross-posted from Katie’s A to Z Challenge post L is for Lemons. Most people know that lemons have a lot of great uses, like keeping produce from turning brown and being a natural option for cleaning, deodorizing and sanitizing, but I was looking for some that people might not have heard before. Lemons are relatively … Continue reading

K is for Kale

I am a kale convert. It has numerous nutritional benefits, including vitamins A, C, and K; 20% of your recommended daily fiber per serving; omega-3s; anti-oxidants; and cancer-preventing glucosinates. It also helps to detoxify your body and contributes to cardiovascular health. Plus, it’s incredibly cheap to buy fresh. What’s not to love? Apparently, kale is … Continue reading

J is for Just Do It!

Are you a planner? Do you agonize over decisions, weighing the pros and cons, making lists? Are you deliberate in your calculations and your plotting? You are? Then STOP. Whatever it is you want to do—travel, write, paint, sing, run, learn the balalaika, whatever!—JUST DO IT! Yes, it’s a cliché. Yes, it’s a classic marketing … Continue reading

I is for Infertility Sucks

Infertility sucks.  I could end the blog post here and most of you would understand. Those two words encompass everything there is to say… About the inability to get pregnant—or, like me, stay pregnant longer than three months—and give birth. About the tears you shed every month along with your useless uterine lining. About the … Continue reading

H is for Hearts of Palm Salad

We are friends with an elderly French couple, both of whom are professional chefs. Maggy has often made a simple hearts of palm dish with her mustard vinaigrette. What are hearts of palm? They are the inner core of young palm trees, such as coconut trees. They have a mild, lightly sweet flavor, but can … Continue reading

G is for Girl Scouts

This year marks the Girl Scouts 100th Anniversary. In 1912, Juliette Gordon Low (“Daisy”), founded the organization with just 18 girls. By 1920, the organization boasted a membership roll of 70,000. Today, the Girl Scouts have over 3.7 million members worldwide. My daughter and I are among those members. I was a Brownie in second … Continue reading

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