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Z is for Zoltar

My back is 100% better, and it only took two doses of Aleve, one dose of my prescription anti-inflammatory, and a day of rest. (Well, as much rest as I can muster in this family.) And of course, your well-wishes helped! Which leads me today’s final post for the A to Z Challenge: Z is … Continue reading

Y is for YEEEOWCH!

I was struggling a little with what to write for Y today, so I decided to work on the basement. Organizing and cleaning helps clear my mind. I bent down to pick up a box of Legos and YEEEOWCH! I have seriously messed up the lower left side of my back. I pulled a ligament … Continue reading

X is for Xochitl

Some of the best things in life are free: a lover’s embrace, your child’s giggle, your mother’s comforting hand. But try to find a decent tortilla chip that won’t break the bank! Xochitl (pronounced “so’ cheel)  brand chips are not economical. A 16oz. bag at the local grocery runs around $5. But ohhhh… they are … Continue reading

W is for (The) West Wing

I’ve been interested in politics since I was small enough to fit on my grandpa’s lap. In my family, we were big Reagan fans, and I can remember watching his speeches and press conferences with  a sense of adoration for the man who reminded me of my beloved Grandpa. I used to have tea parties … Continue reading

V is for Vengeance

This is a piece of micro-fiction I wrote a while back. The challenge was to keep at at exactly 100 words. I hope you enjoy! She trained the Ladysmith on the bearded man. His eyes widened. “You have the wrong person,” he protested. She ignored him, her eyes cold as marble. There was no mistaking … Continue reading

U is for Uh-Oh

Some days, lightening strikes my brain and my fingers dance a samba over the keyboard. Other days, my brain is locked in a white, padded room, struggling to get out, no one around to hear its cries. Today is the latter day. I’ve been stuck for a topic beginning with “U”. I thought about umlauts … Continue reading

T is for Traditions

“Traditions, traditions. Without our traditions, our lives would be as shaky as… as… as a fiddler on the roof!” (Tevye, Fiddler on the Roof) I’m a sentimental person. I love nostalgia, and keep myriad pictures and other memory-provoking items in my home. I find the past, even a past I didn’t live in, to be … Continue reading

S is for SAHM

The whole “Stay-at-Home Mom” vs. “Working Mom” debate is back in the forefront of the media. It’s a stupid non-issue, but thanks to an election cycle full of such nonsense intended to distract us from “real” issues (for example–poverty, the economy, Afghanistan), it’s the “at this moment” issue in the race. Like Bruno Gianelli so … Continue reading

Five for Friday: R is for Really Bad (and Really Good!) Poetry

I love poetry and I love to write. You would think the combination would make me a decent poet. But you would be wrong. Dead wrong. The fact is, I stink at poetry. Sure, I can pen a few schmaltzy lines for my beloved on special occasions, and I don’t think they’re terrible. They come … Continue reading

Q is for Quincy, M.E. and Quarantines

When I was little, I remember crawling into bed with my mom to watch Jack Klugman as Quincy, M.E. He was a righteous, crime-solving, Holmes-esque medical examiner (coroner). Think CSI without all the fancy technology and groan-worthy one-liners. Or the granddaddy of Body of Proof. (Though, Dana Delaney’s Megan Hunt isn’t fit to run the … Continue reading

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